Workouts for Flexibility

We all know that being flexible is very important when we are going to hit the slopes. Not only do you need to flex around the curves as you glide down the slopes, but it is also important on those times when wiping out is a must. Here are some exercises that will help you to be more flexible when you go skiing this winter. Each of these exercises should be done for sixty seconds. As with all other exercises, you should take a small rest period before moving on to the next one. Do these exercises two or three times to get your flexibility workout up to fifteen minutes.

The first one we will discuss is the wall slides. Place your hand into the foot cradles while you are standing and facing opposite of the anchor point. Put your arms up over your head and then bend them at a ninety-degree angle. You will want to then push your hands into the cradles to remove any slack that is in the straps and then stretch your arms up right over your shoulders. Once you are in that position, bend your elbows slowly back to ninety degrees and go back to the position you started in.

standing-leg-stretch-2Second is the hip hinge. This is done in a wide stance. Extend your arms in front of you while you are facing the anchor point standing up, then press the handles down with your feet spread more than your shoulder width apart. Now you will bend forward with your back straight from the hips and push your hips back while you extend your arms forward. Return to the starting position by pushing your hips forward.

The last exercise is the Cossack Stretch. For this one, you will want your feet to be spread wider that the width of your hips while you stand up and face the anchor point. Bend your first leg while lowering your hips closer to the floor while the other leg is kept straight. Now move the toe of the back leg slowly up, stretching the inner thigh of that leg. You will want to keep your hips low throughout the process and then repeat the exercise on the other leg.

These exercises should help you be flexible enough to handle any ski slope you face.