Strength Training Exercises for the Slopes

The exercises in this post will help you have the strength you need to hit the slopes this year. Each exercise should be done for sixty seconds. Allow thirty seconds to rest after each one. After you have done them all, you will want to go through them again so you can get a good fifteen-minute workout. When you do the exercises for a single leg, do one round on one leg then, on the next round, do the other leg.

trx__resizedStart off with the hamstring curls. Put your heels inside the foot cradles while you are laying on your back. Push down on your heels and lift your hips while bracing your core. Bend your knees using your hamstrings and them pull your heels close to your butt using your core throughout. Go back to the start position by moving your heels back in a slow motion.

Now work on some hip presses. Put your heels in the cradles while laying on your back. Your knees need to be bent at a ninety-degree angle. Push down on your heels and push up your hips, while engaging your core, until your hips are perfectly aligned with your shoulders and knees. Move your hips back down slowly.

Next are the mountain climbers. Place your toes in the cradles for your feet and get in a push up position. Bring one knee towards your chest while you brace your core and keep the other leg in a straight position. As you get to the top of the position, let your hips move up only slightly. Now, move your leg straight and bring your hips down to the initial position and then do the other leg. I always felt like I had done these exercises all day while climbing on roofs with my job at Surrey Roofers, but I still added these to my workout routine.

Moving on to lunges. Face the anchor point while standing. With your palms towards each other, hold the handles. Lift the first leg to the point where your thigh is in line with the floor and then bend your kneed to ninety degrees. Now push back your leg and do a downward lunge until your thigh is level with the floor then squeeze your glutes and drive through your heel to stand.

There are several other strength exercises to do to prepare you for the slopes, but these few will get you started on your way!