Nutrition For Fitness Regimes

When you are following a fitness regime, the right kind of nutrition is important as well. What you eat as well as when you eat are crucial for any athletic or endurance training. Experts often agree that what you consume after doing a workout is of great importance. Chocolate milk has become a post-workout drink of choice while many swear by refried beans and their beneficial effects.

Importance of nutrition in the post workout phase

In the post-workout phase, you need to consume nutrients that will help you replenish your energy, increase muscle size and quality, as well as repair damage that you sustained during your workout.

Accordingly, you need to incorporate protein into your diet which will help to repair muscle tissues as well as carbohydrates that will replace the energy you expend during workouts. If you eat a balanced meal after a workout, the post workout nutrition requirements are usually met. However whole meals take the time to digest, and most people are not hungry as soon as they finish the vigorous exercise. A liquid form is easier to digest, helps to speed recovery time, and is absorbed more rapidly into the system.

How to balance nutrition with workouts?

When you undergo an intense hour of training, you need to ingest 15 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbohydrates. This can be consumed during the workout or as soon as you finish. A workout drink that includes carbs that rapidly digest as well as proteins like protein hydrolysate or isolate is sufficient. It is best to time a meal of whole foods within an hour or so after you complete a workout.

When to use nutrition drinks?

If you are doing endurance, interval, or weight training that lasts about 45 minutes or more, you need to have a workout drink ready. If you are indulging in a casual exercise like riding a bike or walking, you need not opt for a recovery drink.