Getting Ready for the Slopes

It’s hard to believe that the winter ski season is almost here! It seems like just last week we had on our bathing suits and were enjoying temperatures in the nineties. Looking ahead, though, it’s time to start getting our bodies in shape for the slopes.

At a lot of resorts in the West, it has already begun to snow. This year, La Nina will be effecting the weather conditions quite strongly, per the National Weather Service. Because of this, we will likely be seeing more favorable conditions in the mountains within the United States’ northern half. These places should be perfect for large amounts of snowfall and wonderful ski conditions.

trx-workout-1-700x700What does that mean that we should do? Well, it’s time for us to buckle in and get ready to ski by preparing our ski legs! What’s the best way to prepare, you may ask?

First is cardio. Nothing is much worse that going to the resort on the first day of the season and ending up out of breath as we walk from the vehicle to the line for the lift. Sure, you could blame it on the altitude if you want to, but odds are, you are not in as good a shape as you should be. It’s up to you to do cardio workouts to get your stamina up to par and your blood flowing.

Second, do your strength training. Power is greatly needed up on the slopes. You will need to increase the power of your legs and your core, but do not forget to also strengthen your upper body to help keep your shoulders from getting injured on the slopes.

Third, don’t forget mobility training. Most us are not near as limber as we were in earlier years. You are setting yourself up for the possibility of injuries while on the slopes if your body does not bend and bounce well. You don’t want to be taken off the slopes from those injuries. Participating in snow sports is well known to put the body in demanding positions physically so it is very important to have flexibility in your trunk, quads, and hamstrings to help prevent those injuries.

By preparing yourself for the slopes, you will be more likely to avoid the injuries that can come from the slopes.