Dead Balls And What They Can Do For Your Training

Dead balls, also called d-balls or slam balls, are weighted rubber no-bounce balls filled with sand.  These balls add a certain element of extra work for training. Those who work out with slam balls need to squat and hinge as well as thrust the slam ball to get it off the floor, which helps maintain a strong core as well as form.

Slam balls are becoming a popular addition to high-intensity training programs in many multi-functional gyms. There are different ways slam balls can help in an intense and core development workout program.

Front slam exercise

The front slam exercise is done by grasping a slam ball in front of you and slamming it to the ground.  You should engage your whole body in this movement, with explosive force.  Keep a tight core and a neutral spine position as you squat to pick up the ball.  Then thrust yourself back up, using your hips and legs.

Slamball jump exercise

The same front slam exercise is performed here with some added strength. Stand with your legs about shoulder-width apart; keeping a neutral spine, squat down and pick up the ball; squat jump up vertically and press the ball high overhead; when you come down slam the ball down and finish in a squat or hinged position. Keep the core tight as you repeat these movements.

Lunge with slam ball

This is another effective way to use a slam ball and strengthen your lungs. Stand in an athletic position and hold the slam ball at chest level. Step forward and lower your back knee into a lunge. When you step forward, extend out your arms with the ball in your hands. When you come back to your original stance, keep your frame tall and repeat the lunge with opposite legs.

Other slam ball exercises

There are other stances that you can try with the slam ball. You could do partner work by rotating your hips and shoulders and pushing the ball out towards your partner. The partner repeats the movement similarly to give the ball back to you.

There are variations of exercises that can be performed with the slam ball. When you sign up for a high-intensity training program, a certified and experienced trainer can teach you a variety of exercises using the slam ball.