Cardio Workouts You Should be Doing for Ski Season

Cardio workouts are imperative to keep your body from harm on the ski slopes. Below are some of the best cardio workouts for you to do in preparation. Each one should be done for sixty seconds then rest for thirty seconds as you start to transition to the next one. Do all the exercises mentioned then go through them again to make it a fifteen-minute workout. In the first round, all the single leg exercises should be done on the right, then do the second round on the left.

trx-cardio-january-31-2016-455x256Start with the Atomic Pushups. Using the Suspension Trainer, put your feet in the foot cradles and get into the pushup position. You should be right under the anchor point. Make sure your hands are positioned directly under your shoulders. Do a pushup while bracing your core. At the top of the pushup, stop momentarily and do a crunch by moving your hips up slightly and bringing your knees to your chest. At the top, pause for a second then go back to the original position.

Burpees come next. Put one foot into the two cradles while the suspension trainer is at the mid-calf position. Take your suspended leg and move it back while lowering your hips far enough down until your back knee is around 2 inches from the floor. From there, get your grounded leg into a plank position by hopping while your hands are firm on the ground. From there, do a pushup and then, with your leg that is grounded, hop forward and then finish with a jump.

Now use the Skaters. Stand in front of the Suspension Trainer. Use both hands to hold the handles and place your feet side by side. From that position, jump left and land on your left foot. Bend your knees when you land to help with controlling your momentum. Do this over and over, going back and forth rapidly.

The last of the Cardio Workouts is the jump squats. You will want the Suspension Trainer to be set at the mid length. You will want your feet to be apart at hip width while you stand in front of the suspension trainer. Lower your hips back and down while your elbows are below your shoulders. It is important to keep your weight on your heels. Push your glutes together while you move your hips up and then finish with a jump as you end your squat. To help you land softly and decelerate, you can use the straps provided. Throughout the entire process, you will need to keep your chest lifted.