102175066Have you heard of TRX Suspension Training? If not, let me tell you a little about it. TRX was developed by the United States Navy SEALS not too long ago. The set is basically just black and yellow straps that your do resistance training exercises on by hanging from them. Using these straps, you are able to really develop your stability, flexibility, movement, and strength. It is a great way to really work your core.

This workout is very unique because, instead of using hand held weights or exercise machines, you are using the weight of your own body and gravity for each exercise you perform, leaving you holding the power.

In traditional exercises, you typically only work one set of muscles at a time. With TRX, you are able to work numerous muscles at the same time. It is also a wonderful cardiovascular workout that gets your heart rate going.

Our goal here at TRX Training is to teach you more about this wonderful way to build your core and to give you ideas on how to use the straps to get the workout you want. We hope you will join us as we explore TRX Suspension Training.